Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Ulcers

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Ulcers aka Bedsores

Pressure ulcers are preventable. These occur because residents are not properly flipped or put on pressure-reducing padding. There are a litany of standard practices in the healthcare industry to prevent and remedy bedsores. The best prevention is to stop their development. The next best remedy is to heal them.

Pressure ulcers are classified in 4 stages. The higher the number the greater the risk to the patient.

Published verdicts for pressure ulcers are rare because they generally settle outside of trial. The value of the case ranges from $200,000 to nearly $1,000,000 depending on the facts of the case.

Graham v Albany Health Care Inc.


81 year old man developed pressure sores in the nursing home over a 5 month period. The patient was transferred to a hospital where it was found he was suffering from pneumonia. The decedent’s care plan indicated to turn the patient every two hours but he was only turned every 4 – 5 days.
Brown v DeKalb Medical Center


Patient developed blood blisters on her feet during stay and subsequently passed away.