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Nursing Home Suit Negligence

Nursing homes put profits over patients. Chronic understaffing of nursing homes is one of the most commonly cited deficiencies from CMS. Nursing homes earn their money through the administration of healthcare. Every resident produces revenue for the nursing home. Yet instead of investing in quality staff, the nursing homes squander the resources and leave overworked CNAs with impossible jobs. This drives the majority of neglect in the industry.

If a skilled nursing facility’s neglect led to you or your loved one’s injury, then you may be entitled to compensation.

Historic settlements and verdicts range from $25,0000 – nearly $10,000,000.

Davis v Fairburn Health Care Center


70 year old man suffered stroke in a nursing home and then died 5 days later. Defendant was negligent for failing to keep adequate records of the patient’s health.
Lassater v Star Crest


73 year old woman suffering from Alzheimers suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to her leg while in a nursing home. Nursing home held responsible for severe decline in health and failed to provide the adequate standard of care.
Germany v Fairhaven


Patient suffering from Alzheimers suffered burns on her leg from negligent treatment administered by staff.
Services v Copeland


Patient was noted to be suffering from aspiration from fecal material yet the nursing home staff failed to take appropriate steps to ameliorate the condition